Welcome to The Cruise Ship Insider

Welcome to The Cruise Ship Insider. I’m going to be updating this blog with information that I think will be useful for people who are looking to take a cruise, have taken a cruise or work in the cruise industry.  I’ve been working on ships for over 5 years, have been on 5 different cruise lines and over 10 ships (I’ve lost track at this point).  What was meant to be a quick contract to get away from the rat race has turned into a career.  I can’t say what I do onboard at the moment (I’ve worked in 4 different positions so far), as I want to keep my identity a mystery until I officially retire.

My posts will not favor one specific cruise line, I’m just trying to promote cruising in general as I think it’s a great way to travel.  It supports so many people around the world with an international crew who work really hard to make a guest’s experience one that will last a lifetime.  I’ll try and provide insider tips and industry new, from what I’ve heard from around the different cruise lines. I’ve got contacts all over the industry from CEOs and Captains to the crew who work in the galleys and clean your room. Sometimes it will be funny stories or tips you can take away and use before, during or after your cruise.  I’ll also talk about the ports as I visit them, and I’ve been blessed to have visited the majority of popular cruise ports around the world.

To all who have stopped by to read this, I thank you, and who knows, maybe we’ve actually met in person, in this industry you just never know.  Cheers!

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